Solibo develops high-end software products aimed at implementing and improving new aspects of existing businessesWe put our focus on innovation, with efficient and progressive “Software as a Service” (SaaS) models, User experience dedicated client applications, complex client/server modules and Stand-Alone systems. All of which, designed, customized and tailor-maid to meet specific requirements in any desired workflow.

We fortify our technical know-how with a deep understanding of focal business models in today’s web and internet industry and a fresh avenue to resources and project management, in addition to strong values, ambition, entrepreneurship, visionary and proactive approach to problem-solving, which are embedded in our organizational DNA.

With proven experience in both large-scale and single component dedicated projects, delivered in pin-point accuracy and covering a large variety of applications, we harbor the expertise and know-how to provide the cutting edge and the relative advantage to every concept and tool.

Taking lead development on a Statistic Process Control system used by HP to perform quality control and critical parameters analysis on a multiple tier supply chain to one of their most complex assembly lines. SaaS methodology, centralized data-base, duplex supplier-manufacturer architecture, cloud based deployment, Java core on R server and Sencha framework applications.

Hardcore coding of a risk analysis and management tool as one of the key components in a project designed to address issues raised by communications equipment manufacturers looking to integrate open-source code into their products, to produce a comprehensive platform that would integrate the whole decision-making chain and completing methodologies.


We have a strong belief in the values of entrepreneurship and innovation, and we take pride in our integrity and transparent approach. Given the opportunity, we are always willing to provide guidance, advice and mentoring as well as engaging potential-harboring companies in their very early stages. Where applicable and at the right phase on the company’s time-line, our focus is on seed investments and joint venture models, in which we aim to integrate our relative advantage and provide the optimal tool-set for the company to strive and succeed. Solibo is constantly looking for investments and venture opportunities with emphasis on the digital market and within the world of web services, SaaS, mobile and integrated products. Our goal is to create added-value through tailor-made venture models, including starting, investing-in, and acquiring companies within these sectors, which we feel that we are able to develop and evolve into industry leaders.

Solibo Creative Mng. was established in 2011, and boasts highly experienced developers and managers, which are leaders and pioneers in their fields, who sought to expand and exceed the boundaries of traditional practices in the digital market, and introduce a new, fresh, imaginative and innovative approach to software and product development.

We are experts and visionaries in rapid custom development and deployment of web-based, distributed and standalone applications. We follow proven in-house developed practices which lead to successful outputs, and focus on delivering viable solutions to existing needs.

We have a unique ability to tune and adjust ourselves to working with a broad range of requirement, no project is too small or too big for us, as we invest our best resources and full attention in every task we take.

We manage a highly versatile development environment, which enables us to take on any venture or product specification; and aim at providing the technological solutions for the execution of an idea in its entire form, from the starting-line to a complete and finished product. Our outputs are implemented with emphasis on efficiency and performance, while keeping the overall experience of the end-user in mind, and with emphasis on low maintenance and hassle-free production models, which are fortified with our entrepreneurial point of view, as derived from our experience and our deep market understanding.

Our range of in-house resources and skills covers all aspects of usable applications on a wide range of methodologies and know-how, and with hard-core programming power on the complete application life-cycle (i.e. Native, back-end, front-end, infrastructure and OS level).